ASYA Trading is a Sourcing & Procurement company serving for overseas importers, and our mission is to assist the clients in reducing purchasing cost and business risks in China. Our service consists in six activities: Sourcing Suppliers, Source Evaluation, Selecting Suppliers, Ordering, Monitoring Orders, and Supplier Evaluation, which are illustrated in the following picture:


Asya-Trading src02


Asya Trading strives to offer localized procurement solutions to our clients and to become your dedicated buying office in China.

What can Asya Trading bring to your business? Can we really save money and time from the supply chain management?

Yes, we can and we do it. Our services focus on the five parts; Cost Control, Risk Control, Supply Control, Quality Control and Relation Management during the procurement.
Our reputation was built over years, so we commit to offer loyal and valuable services to those who are not familiar with China. Instead of frowning at your annual expenses numbers, facing numerous back and forth to deal with odds ends, why not just stay in your own country and let us deal with that for low cost?

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