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Jonathan H. Green, in his book “An exposure of Arts and Miseries of Gambling” was the first to use the word “poker” in 1830, describing people playing poker games while crossing Mississippi river during the 1820s.

So poker is really an American game but it takes its roots from different areas: China, India, Germany and France.

Over decades, Poker became the most famous card game in the world, well-known for its self-control and bluff skills.

With the rise of online poker websites, Asya Trading took the opportunity to focus on poker business and, after few years, became the backbone of the main actors of the market.

The development of workspace should be seen as an enhancement of interaction between workspace and human beings.  In order to do so, we must go beyond the basic approach of office furniture and adopt a holistic approach, and then furniture and workspace lead to teamwork performance.
These are the factors that motivate us to offer you the furniture which will improve all the aspects of your work.

This motto is important to us as we think companies have to build a strong relationship with their customers and partners, this is why we will customize your marketing products in order to optimize your image, inside and outside your company.

Furniture surrounds us. We see furniture, we touch furniture, we live with furniture but most of the people do not know anything about their history and diversity.
Furniture design follows lifestyle evolution. Most of the furniture changed, some have disappeared, and some might reborn after few decades: it is a world of changes, their shapes, materials and way to build constantly evolves.

This results in a wide variety of furniture and each style has its well-defined characteristic. However, these styles are often difficult to identify because all those styles have been constantly influenced, derivate, adapted as a result of spread around the world.

The container is almost as important as the content. Not only can we produce some high quality products for you, but we also offer you a really stylish and unique way to present them. Give a long lasting impression to your customers, they deserve it.