Quality Control

Let’s face it: Having your products made overseas can be a real challenge, especially where ensuring quality is a key point. We have a team of inspectors in China who will regularly inspect the production and shipping of your products abroad to guarantee they meet your quality standards. It offers the benefit of competitive prices without compromising quality.
If we passed the sourcing step or if you already had a supplier, we can still perform/propose the quality control of the product on your demand. We perform quality control check to be sure that what the supplier is producing is 100% similar as the sample you approved and at the time it is supposed to be delivered.
We perform checking at the beginning, middle and end of the production. We check that the factory uses the right material, does not subcontract the order etc. If there are any tests and/or certificates to be set up, we will hire an independent and approved laboratory group to do them and confirm the certificates of the company. We will send you pictures and evidences of the right goods and delivery time if you need it. If there is any problem with the product, or the shipment, we will let you know as soon as we know it and work on a solution. If the production does not match your standards, we will never send it, except of course if you ask us to do so.

Initial Production Check

An inspection of machinery and materials will be made before the production.
Ensure the factory’s machinery can meet your quality needs while guaranteeing the actual materials to be used in production are the materials agreed to.

During Production Check

We ensure production processes and capacity – enabling you greater control and sufficient time to improve production quality.
When at least 20% of production is completed, our qualified inspector is sent to your factory to inspect production quality and status. Follow our checklist or your custom inspection requirements.
Pre-Shipment Inspection
An on-site product inspection ensures the conformity of production to your specifications prior to shipment.
When at least 80% of production is completed and packaged, our qualified inspector is sent to your factory to inspect the finished production following our checklist or your custom requirements — protecting you from shipping non-conforming product.

Container Loading Check

Ensure the product you pay for is the product that ships. Prior to making final payment arrangements, guarantee you finished and packaged goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.
Our inspector, who makes sure the container is loaded in its entirety and in a safe and secure manner, monitors the container loading process.

Human Rights Auditing

We are seeing increasing demand by consumers and companies looking for better and safer working conditions for factory workers creating the products they buy. We have several years of experience in providing factory audits for our customers. Asya Trading can protect your company by auditing factories to your standards or helping factories upgrade their facilities to pass external audits.

For all quality controls we conduct, you will receive a detailed inspection protocol with pictures and an analysis of the most important aspects of each quality inspection we conducted at the premises of your Chinese supplier.


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